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Butler Cave Survey Project

We have started a little project to redraw the map of Butler Cave and we need a little help with the surveying.

If you are interested in surveying and exploring in Butler Cave, there are many opportunities for you to join the fun.   For example, there is over 750 feet of unsurveyed passage within an hour of the SOFA entrance.   There is also passage that has been surveyed but not sketched - a great way to start learning how to sketch.  There are leads to explore, bolt climbs to surmount, digs to work, and bad survey loops to be fixed.  

NOTE: The BCCS requires that cavers entering BCCS caves adhere our WNS policy.

Read more about the background of this project.

Please read our Guidelines for Surveying in Butler, CRCS, and other BCCS Caves.

We file our original survey notes into separate file folders to make them easy to find. So please make separate title pages and prefixes when you are in separate parts of the cave or it's a different date. We need to be able to separate your survey notes to file them.

Here are custom BCCS Survey Paper templates you can print on Rite-in-the-Rain blank paper to look really cool!

View the open lead and survey list.

View the schedule of BCCS Project Weekends.

Survey Instrument reference information.

Come join the fun!